Upstairs Bedroom Window

The upstairs bedroom window is turning into an interesting story.

We wanted a window kinda high up on the wall, so we could put the bed below it.  When the guys were installing it, they kept asking if we really wanted it that high up, and I kept assuring them that it was fine.  It was very close to the eave and gutter, but I don't really see that as an issue.  Old Victorian houses have some odd little 'quirks' like strangely placed windows, and I don't mind looking at the gutter.

So after they put the window in and fully flashed the exterior, Z came home and informed me that she couldn't see out the window!!  (she's 7 inches shorter than I).

So I humbly wrote an email to the remodeling folks, asking for a quote on moving the window down a few inches.  OOPS!

Anyway, the view from the new window is quite breathtaking!  We have never been able to see the side yard from the house before, and with such an incredible view, I think Z should be able to see it too!