About our House

Our house was built in 1901 by Christopher J. Kehoe (b. July 1875) and Anna T. Kehoe/Clark (b. June 1876), in Stoughton, Wisconsin.
In 1901, Bridget Clark and her daughter (Anna/Annie Kehoe w/ husband Christopher J Kehoe) effectively traded properties. They were across the street from each other, one on the north side of Low (now Lowell) Street, one on the south side (where Lowell park is today).

The house was built for a growing family. Anna had just given birth in May of 1900 to a son, also named Christopher or 'Christie'.
By 1920, they had moved to Fond Du Lac, and had four girls: Alice, Marie, Elizabeth and Leonarda.

In 1905, Bridget Clark died and her surviving husband deeded the remaining property (the one that borders ours on the north and west sides) to one of their other daughters, Alice Clark.

The original mortgage to build the house was $700. Based on inflation, that would be around $18000 today.

Bridget Clark owned the 4 blocks surrounding our house as well, and they sure picked a good location for their daughter's first home. Our home is situated on the corner of two fairly quiet streets.
Across one street, there is a large cemetery, in which the founder of the city, Luke Stoughton, is buried. Across the other street there is a baseball diamond, so we are the only house on this street corner. It's a nice neighborhood too, with large old trees lining the streets and very nice neighbors.

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