Some Garden Photos

When we first bought the house, we bought it for the house AND the garden.
When I say garden, I don't mean lawn.

Although, it was just about all lawn when we moved in. We do have some lovely large trees behind the house and by the garage, a hedge by the front of the house and some small trees on the south side.
The only other plants in the garden when we bought the property were some hostas on the north side of the house and along the side of the garage, some orange day lillies (ditch lillies?) in a bed on the north side, lily of the valley by the front porch, a large Peony at the back of the garage and about 5 UGLY yellow Potentilla in the bed by the deck. The Potentilla have since been removed and replaced with plants that I love. We have been slowly converting the lawn into garden beds and have also added 2 raised beds for the vegetables (although this now seems too small for everything I want to grow, but I wanted to start small).

My goal this planting season is to attract more birds to the garden, will need more shrubs (for them to hide in), more food & more water. I would love to attract some bluebirds, and we'll try a bluebird house this year and see what we get.

I also want to grow more food this year, so I'm going focus less on flowers and more on birds and crops. Of course I will always be tempted to buy a few flowering plants, but that can't be avoided. I'll try and get some before pictures, but in the mean time here are some pictures from last spring.