Upstairs Washer/Dryer

We've wanted a washer/dryer upstairs ever since we moved in. During the work on the bathroom, we were able to carve out a space for the washer/dryer in the upstairs hallway. We have already built the enclosure, run drain and supply plumbing, and are happily washing clothes upstairs.
The dryer has been installed now as well, so all that's left is to install the trim in the upstairs hallway

  • Purchase Dryer (this really was the first step in the project!)
  • Frame washer/dryer stand and enclosure
  • Run drain plumbing
  • Run electrical
  • Run supply plumbing
  • Install washer
  • Run dryer gas line
  • Run vent duct for dryer
  • Install dryer
  • Drywall/Finish enclosure
  • Install access panel to shutoff valve
  • Install trim in upstairs hallway


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