Novermber 23, 2012 Update

Dryer is finally Installed!!  After purchasing the dryer on sale about 2 years ago (and it sitting in the office all this time). Last Sunday it was finally installed and working! Yay!

In the spring, S&R remodelling added the roof vent , some ducting and the gas line from the basement up to the location on the 2nd floor. S decided he wanted a different kind of ducting so he spent last Saturday working on it (after a trip to Menards of course). He also added an extension to the gas pipe so it would reach the dryer on top of the washer. By the afternoon on Sunday, eveything was connected and ready for testing. Washed and dried our winter coats .. and.. success! We have a working gas dryer!!! Just a bit of trimwork to go, but that goes for the whole hallway.