Huge milestone!

Two Sundays in a row, we've been priming the drywall.  We put two coats of white primer on everything, and it looks FANTASTIC.  Our neighbor Brian did an amazing mud job and it looks incredible.  Finally, the upstairs bathroom and hallway are ready for color paint!

There's still plenty to do, however.  We'll need to install shower fixtures, cement board/waterproofing, granite tile, radient heat, ceramic floor tile, bamboo floor in hallway, window & door trim, baseboard moulding.  WOW.  The fact that I can list almost all that's left in one short sentence really speaks to how far we've come in 4 years of building this bathroom.  Huzzah!

Bella approves of the first coat, even though she prefers black.
washer cupboard
Hallway facing bedroom/bathroom
bath, facing sink cubby (this got another coat a week later)
bath, facing toilet (this got another coat a week later)
bath, above toilet (this got another coat a week later)

Our neighbor the drywaller has been coming over once or twice a week to tape and put several thin coats of mud on the drywall joints.  It's looking really great!

I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Oh yeah, and we put some Christmas decorations up!  Happy Holidays!!!

A nifty wreath up on the back porch
Back porch with the first snow of the season!
Washer closet
In the hallway - washer closet on the left, looking toward the bedroom
Hallway - looking toward the bedroom
Hallway - looking back toward the stairway and office
In the hallway - glass blocks above bathroom door
Toilet cubby
Above the toilet cubby
Sink cubby
Above the door and sink cubby
Above the door - looking toward shower on the left
Nice, smooth lines between the ceiling and walls
Smooth drywall below the window
Above the window
In the hallway - detail above the bedroom door and attic hatch
In the hallway - above the stairway door

Over the weekend, our neighbor Brian the drywaller came over and started mudding the bathroom.

On Saturday, Brian did the big gap filling and first pass on all the seams. I helped snug up some screw heads and hang the last few bits of drywall around the glass blocks, while he filled the larger gaps and seams to get ready for taping.

Sunday, he came again in the morning, put tape over the flat seams and finished about a third of them.

We're closing on this job, and it wasn't nearly as hard as I had anticipated the day I lifted that first panel to the ceiling. I still wouldn't want to do it for a living!

Many thanks to our neighbor Brian! You're a lifesaver! There's no way we could have gotten the drywall done before Christmas without your help!

1st pass mudding around toilet, thinking about building the chase to the right.
1st mud around sink
Ceiling looking good above sink
From inside the bathroom, the blocks look good!
Washer closet after 1st mud!
huge gaps around washer services, nicely filled with expanding foam and drywall mud
Glass blocks from hallway.
Nice looking wall in the hallway
Here's our neighbor Brian doing the mud!  Thanks Brian!
Toilet cubby taped off!  Yay!
Wall to right of sink, taped!
Building the chase - left panel applied over 2x4s
Chase done!  Just need to be mudded/taped!
Mud detail next to sink.  It's a bit gloopy here - nothing a bit of sanding won't fix.

We're almost done hanging drywall!  I have 3 small bits left to do - above the bedroom door, and above/around the glass blocks.

I also finished/fixed the attic hatch.  The first hatch I made was 1/2 inch plywood, which drooped in the middle.  The new hatch is 3/4 inch ply and thus far sturdier.  The new hatch has a locking/latching mechanism that holds itself up to the ceiling.  This was a big sticking point, as I had to have a 'prop rod' run from the sliding door framing to hold the hatch up.  Now that it holds itself up, I was able to drywall over this bit of framing!

Another sticking point was the radient heat controller box - I had put off installing the electrical box for the controller above the bathroom switch boxes.  I finally got that done and the wires run for it, so I was able to drywall over the back side of all that wiring.  This is the panel that covers all that wiring - most of the wiring that feeds the bathroom runs through here, so there were about 8 cables all massed together.


The panel next to the bedroom had to go around a large (6x10 inch) air vent.  Cutting this big hole was a bit complicated, but it came out great.  Before I put the wallboard on, I made sure to insulate the metal ductwork from the rest of the wall cavity with foil faced polyisocyanurate to prevent our conditioned air from entering the wall and migrating into the attic.

Next to bedroom, around the duct.
Nearly done above the bedroom door!
Sliding door frame is walled up!
Opposite the bathroom switch wall (by the sink)
Above the hallway door DONE!
Attic hatch - hinge detail
Attic hatch - latch detail

More drywall applied to the outside of the washer closet last night.

It's a good thing I did this while the washer was running, because the wall shakes like hell!  I had to secure it to the rear wall with a metal strap.  This is why you don't normally build walls with 2x4s on edge - 4 inch walls are much stronger than 2 inch!  Hallway space is at a premium though, so we just have to deal with it.

I also threw a half-panel onto the angled wall of the sliding door frame.

Wobbly washer closet wall
Strapping the washer closet wall
Half panel of the sliding door frame
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