Came home to some walls!  The little stub wall connecting the sunroom with the house is built, and all but the french doors are installed!

I hope the roof goes on tomorrow!  And the doors too!  It's gonna rain again soon!

The windows open like 'wings' to allow air to flow through, no matter what direction it is coming from
Without a roof, it's all sky!
From inside
Roof peak
Connecting it to the house
Glass, glass, and more glass!
French doors on the west side, will connect the deck at a later date.
A nice proportion with the rest of the house!
Windows closed, from the south-west
From the south - easily more glass than in the entire rest of the house

June 1st today - work day 5, and 11 days from the project start.

Some of the walls are up!

We came home from work today and found that some of the walls are up!  The crew was delayed a bit because of another project, and it rained a bit for two nights in a row.  We put up some tarps to keep water from getting into everything. The subfloor seems to be no worse for wear, even though it had standing water on it for one night.  The glues they use in this stuff are pretty awesome.  I won't be building a boat out of it, but I do have a new respect for oriented strand board.

We're really glad we went with the casement windows - the consistent width of the frames is the main reason we did, and it looks much more elegant than the alternating wide/narrow frames of the sliding windows.  Not only that, we'll be able to open the casements like 'wings', to draw air in one side and out the other - the plants will love it!

We also got our first look at it from the INSIDE - it's a good size - standing next to the house, it feels a wee bit smaller than we imagined, but once we are able to walk into it through the french doors, it'll be spectacular!

I can't wait to see how the little roof extension goes in!

We also chose and ordered our flooring!  It's a narrow (2 1/4") Natural American Cherry by BellaWood.  3/4" solid planks, nailed down.  It's not the hardest wood around (actually, rather soft for a hardwood), but it was by far our favorite in the showroom.  Click the sample below to zoom in.

BellaWood Natural American Cherry
This morning, we had only this - a deck with a tarp to keep the rain off.
When we got home, we were greeted with this!
Most of the walls are up!
Another window to the right will connect it to the house.
From the front of the house
Detail shot - very glad we went with the casement windows!
From the inside of the room - it'll frame the garden well!

Came home today to discover our conservatory kit is here and the subfloor is on!!
Completely brilliant!
Bits of the kit are scattered all around our garden! (OK, they're neatly stacked up in piles)

I also spent some time cutting strips of 2" pink foam to fit under the subfloor decking, and got a pretty good system down.  Cutting the pieces about 1/2" too small allows them to fit easily, then the gap around the edges can be sealed with expanding spray foam.  I got about 1/3rd of the foam in, and maybe another 1/3rd cut.  We're layering 4 inches of pink foam under the floor, then fiberglass batts to fill the rest of the space, then plywood underneath to seal the critters out.  Total R-value will be around 40.


Subfloor over decking, in the late afternoon sun
Boxes of parts
4 window units stacked up
subfloor over decking, from the east side
Our red rose (the graft died back, and this popped up!)
Some lupines and Husker's Red Penstemon

It's only day 3, and the KoolView crew already has the floor structure built!

The subfloor goes on next, then openings for the electrical outlets can be cut into the subfloor and boxes installed.  It's coming together quick!

Floor/deck framing complete!
Floor/deck framing complete!
It's a pretty good size, in relation to the house
Footings and posts to hold up the decking
Framing detail

Day 2 of the conservatory build!

KoolView came again and got the ledger board and a basic outer frame installed over the footings.  The more complicated trapezoid-shaped end frame will go up tomorrow.

Ledger and part of frame is installedLedger and part of frame is installed.  The floor is built just like a deck!

Detail of a footing, post, and mid-span support beamDetail of a footing, post, and mid-span support beam.  The post is notched and the beam is bolted to it with galvanized bolts.  It's not going anywhere!

Support beam and band joistSupport beam and band joist.
Wouldn't you know the gas line runs directly under the new conservatory?  I hope we never have to dig it up.  :P

Tight up against the electric meterTight up against the new electric meter.  we moved the meter and upgraded it to 200 amps to support a new 50 amp panel in the garage.  The new meter got moved as far to the right as possible, so we didn't have to worry about a feeder cable dangling over the new conservatory.

Window taped off to prevent lead paint dust from enteringThe windows around the construction were taped off to prevent lead paint dust getting into them when the siding is removed.

Construction zone showing today's progressToday's progress!  It sure feels good to have someone else work on this dump for a change.  ;)  When they're paid to do it, they actually finish!  (maybe I should pay myself to work on my own house.  Hmmm...)


Ledger and part of frame is installed
Detail of a footing, post, and mid-span support beam
Support beam and band joist
Tight up against the electric meter
Window taped off to prevent lead paint dust from entering
Construction zone showing today's progress
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