More progress on the insulation.

KoolView finished framing the roof section against the house, and installed gutters/downspouts on the sunroom.

Normally, they only put fiberglass insulation under the floor before enclosing it with plywood.  I wanted additional insulation, so I've been installing 4 inches of XPS foam between the joists.  That has been keeping me busy.

Downspouts on
Roof section next to the house is built
Some foam installed
4 inches of foam = R20

June 13-16th 2012
Siding removed from interior of conservatory.

The holes in the sheathing are where they blew fiberglass insulation into the wall cavities some time ago.
Cut out the sheathing to gain access our NEW ROOM!!
Propped up the french doors to see what they look like.

Found out that the existing floor in the front room is NOT LEVEL by any meaning of the word - it'll be an interesting challenge to transition the threshold between the two rooms.
Put a little flooring down to see what that looks like.
Put a few plants in the next day so they could get some sun.  It's starting to look like a nice addition!


Conservatory & House Become One
Conservatory & House Become One
Conservatory & House Become One
Conservatory & House Become One
Conservatory & House Become One

The icky lead siding has been removed!  The hazmat team was busy with other projects for a few days, but today, they made it out to our place and took away all that nasty lead painted siding!

WE ARE READY to cut the opening to the house, drywall, and put the flooring in!

There are just a couple of minor bits to button up and we'll be doing the walkthrough a couple of days from now!  Groovy!

Bare sheathing after lead painted siding was removed
The east wall
West wall and french doors
Roof structure with a temporary shop light
Roof structure and connection to house

Some photos of our garden beds!

We haven't been keeping up with the weeds very well, so there are quite a few 'invaders'.

Front bed - pagoda dogwood, curly hazel, boxwood, irises, lilies
Front bed - korean lilac, lavender, japanese maple, boxwood, currants, irises
Various beds with paths between
Street corner bed - lambs ear, snowball viburnum, irises, lilies, lots of weeds!
Elderflower detail

New developments:

  • Roof is (mostly) on
  • French doors are installed!


Most of the roof is in!  The front bit is done
The panels next to the house aren't in yet, so let's have one more day without rain!
French doors are in and look amazing!
Next project: new deck!
The finials on top are made of solid cast aluminum!  Purty!
It's a dramatic change, from the south!
Looking pretty good!
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