A bit more drywall went up last night - we're humming along.

I finished the bit in the washer closet, and finished the rest of that wall, all the way to the door to the stairway.

As you can see, I've been using up smaller bits of the moisture resistant wallboard where I don't have large enough pieces of the white stuff to cover the wall.  It'll make taping/mudding a bit more time consuming though.

Finished closet and wall
Finished wall w/ stairway door on the left
Another little bit I did next to the door

Last night, I drywalled most of the inside of the washer/dryer closet with moisture resistant drywall.
It looks pretty spiffy.

My width measurement was a bit off, so the panel was slightly too small.  This made for some wacky cutouts for all the service holes (drain, supply box, electrical and cleanout plug)  I had to fill a nearly 1 inch gap next to the supply box, and the rest of the holes have a big gap to the left of them, but those can all be filled with joint compound pretty easily.

I also am concerned that one of the PVC joints in the drain may be leaking a bit after moving it around during installation - I'll double check that before running a load of laundry through it.

Services wall made for a very complicated sheet of drywall!
Washing machine back in with one panel left to attach

Today, I mixed up some mortar and set six glass blocks into the space above the sliding door frame!  They'll let a bit of light into the hallway from the bathroom window, even if the door is closed.

I also put up another maybe sheet and a half of drywall in the hallway.  I used white drywall for most of the wall, and filled the middle bit with a couple pieces of moisture resistant stuff.

Anyway, that's all for this update.

Glass blocks above the sliding door from the hallway
Glass blocks above the sliding door from the hallway
Sliding door frame with glass blocks from inside the bathroom
The first white drywall goes into the hallway!
Drywall in the hallway!  Looking through into the stairway.

I think we may have made a decision on which shower valves to install, but here's a bunch of choices we're considering.

Can you guess which one we've maybe chosen?
Leave your guesses/comments HERE.

Pressure Balance (anti-scald) Valves

Kohler Symbol

Kohler Taboret

Kohler Purist

Price Pfister Kenzo

Thermostatic Valves (More Expensive with separate temperature/volume controls)
 <-  The expensive bit

Kohler Purist Thermostatic

Kohler Mastershower Thermostatic (brushed, not chrome as shown)

Kohler Memoirs Thermostatic

Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?
Which Shower Valve?

The drywall in the bathroom is almost all up!  I worked last night (Oct 30th) until 1AM hanging drywall!

This new mold-resistant drywall we got is emerald green, but it's effectively the same as the purple stuff we got from the local store.  The different colors make the bathroom look a bit like a clown house.

I can't believe just how much work we have accomplished on this bathroom, pretty much on our own.  Four years into this project, it's finally starting to feel like we can finish!!

Walls behind the toilet!
Finished the walls above the sink
Finished the walls above the sink
Still need to do above the sliding door - we're putting glass blocks in here.
The hallway side of the walls haven't been done yet, obviously.
Bella the building inspector gives it her stamp of approval.
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