Conservatory Planning

Planning our new conservatory

First version - door on the end, too smallUsing Google Sketchup, I started designing our new conservatory to get an idea of what we wanted to build.
The roof pitch started out way too shallow, and I thought we were restricted in size due to the little bumpout in the house.
I located the door on the end, but this is not very convenient.

Larger, but details not in place yetHere, I was playing with the new window locations (darker).  The conservatory door is in the final location and the size has been finalized, but the roof detail is missing.  I think it's modeled a little too tall, though.

Even larger - roof detail addedThe additional roof line has been added, but this projection is too far out.  We have a 20ft setback from the property line, and this would have been over the setback by around 5 feet.
We ended up applying for a 3ft variance and GOT IT!!  (somewhat miraculous)

Final, approved versionHere's the final size and shape of the conservatory, even showing the electrical box.
We ended up going with split transoms and kick panels, with casement windows.  We thought the double-length transoms and kicks looked pretty tacky, and the side-sliding windows that are standard have an odd-looking narrow middle frame.  We were going for an old-english look, with even-width framing from top to bottom.  I hope it looks as good as we planned!

French doors (similar to what we are putting in)Here are some french doors I found online that best approximate what we'd like for the conservatory.  We actually found some doors just like these at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!