Conservatory, Day 2

Day 2 of the conservatory build!

KoolView came again and got the ledger board and a basic outer frame installed over the footings.  The more complicated trapezoid-shaped end frame will go up tomorrow.

Ledger and part of frame is installedLedger and part of frame is installed.  The floor is built just like a deck!

Detail of a footing, post, and mid-span support beamDetail of a footing, post, and mid-span support beam.  The post is notched and the beam is bolted to it with galvanized bolts.  It's not going anywhere!

Support beam and band joistSupport beam and band joist.
Wouldn't you know the gas line runs directly under the new conservatory?  I hope we never have to dig it up.  :P

Tight up against the electric meterTight up against the new electric meter.  we moved the meter and upgraded it to 200 amps to support a new 50 amp panel in the garage.  The new meter got moved as far to the right as possible, so we didn't have to worry about a feeder cable dangling over the new conservatory.

Window taped off to prevent lead paint dust from enteringThe windows around the construction were taped off to prevent lead paint dust getting into them when the siding is removed.

Construction zone showing today's progressToday's progress!  It sure feels good to have someone else work on this dump for a change.  ;)  When they're paid to do it, they actually finish!  (maybe I should pay myself to work on my own house.  Hmmm...)