Conservatory, Day 1

Day 1 of the conservatory build!

While we were both at work, the crew from KoolView was doing some hard work of their own!

  • The whole side of the house was taped off as a 'lead hazard zone'!  (good idea, to keep the neighborhood kids out of the area while they're working)
  • The lower portion of the siding was removed, revealing the sill beam and foundation.
  • The footings were located and installed

The footings are installed!The site was fenced off and the footings have been installed!

The south side construction zoneLower portion of siding has been removed to gain access to the sill beam.

Massive sill beam over a limestone foundationThe sill beam, circa 1901.  The corner joint is awesome!  The foundation underneath the beam is not so awesome!  It's quite deteriorated and mice have gotten in!  That will soon be taken care of though.

Detail shot of one of the footingsHere's one of the footings - these things are pretty cool!  It's an engineered concrete piece with 4 long steel tubes driven through it into the ground.  These are supposed to be more stable than your typical poured concrete footing, and can be installed much more quickly with little or no digging!

Detail shot of one of the footingsI picked up a 50lb bag of mortar from the hardware store and got to work!  I had this corner rebuilt in about 2 hours.  It looks pretty darn good for my first time with a trowel!