Conservatory Build Day 5

June 1st today - work day 5, and 11 days from the project start.

Some of the walls are up!

We came home from work today and found that some of the walls are up!  The crew was delayed a bit because of another project, and it rained a bit for two nights in a row.  We put up some tarps to keep water from getting into everything. The subfloor seems to be no worse for wear, even though it had standing water on it for one night.  The glues they use in this stuff are pretty awesome.  I won't be building a boat out of it, but I do have a new respect for oriented strand board.

We're really glad we went with the casement windows - the consistent width of the frames is the main reason we did, and it looks much more elegant than the alternating wide/narrow frames of the sliding windows.  Not only that, we'll be able to open the casements like 'wings', to draw air in one side and out the other - the plants will love it!

We also got our first look at it from the INSIDE - it's a good size - standing next to the house, it feels a wee bit smaller than we imagined, but once we are able to walk into it through the french doors, it'll be spectacular!

I can't wait to see how the little roof extension goes in!

We also chose and ordered our flooring!  It's a narrow (2 1/4") Natural American Cherry by BellaWood.  3/4" solid planks, nailed down.  It's not the hardest wood around (actually, rather soft for a hardwood), but it was by far our favorite in the showroom.  Click the sample below to zoom in.