Conservatory Build Day 4

Came home today to discover our conservatory kit is here and the subfloor is on!!
Completely brilliant!
Bits of the kit are scattered all around our garden! (OK, they're neatly stacked up in piles)

I also spent some time cutting strips of 2" pink foam to fit under the subfloor decking, and got a pretty good system down.  Cutting the pieces about 1/2" too small allows them to fit easily, then the gap around the edges can be sealed with expanding spray foam.  I got about 1/3rd of the foam in, and maybe another 1/3rd cut.  We're layering 4 inches of pink foam under the floor, then fiberglass batts to fill the rest of the space, then plywood underneath to seal the critters out.  Total R-value will be around 40.