Anti-Vibration pads for washing machine

We just ordered a set of washing machine anti-vibration pads for our LG front loading machine.

Since we put it upstairs, the whole house shakes when the washer spins up.  Hopefully these rubber pads from GVI Inc will reduce the problem.  They're supposed to be much thicker than the usual rubber pads you get from the home center.

We'll let you know how they work when we get them.

Alright, we got them and installed them under the washing machine.  These are some SERIOUS pads. They are fully 1 inch thick, very heavy, and THEY WORK.  The noise and 'house shaking' is significantly reduced.  An added bonus is that since the pads stick out a bit on either side of the machine, the machine is held AWAY from the side walls of our closet! When the washer used to bang against the side wall, it was tremendously loud.

I would definitely recommend these things to anyone with a front loading machine.