Almost done hanging drywall!

We're almost done hanging drywall!  I have 3 small bits left to do - above the bedroom door, and above/around the glass blocks.

I also finished/fixed the attic hatch.  The first hatch I made was 1/2 inch plywood, which drooped in the middle.  The new hatch is 3/4 inch ply and thus far sturdier.  The new hatch has a locking/latching mechanism that holds itself up to the ceiling.  This was a big sticking point, as I had to have a 'prop rod' run from the sliding door framing to hold the hatch up.  Now that it holds itself up, I was able to drywall over this bit of framing!

Another sticking point was the radient heat controller box - I had put off installing the electrical box for the controller above the bathroom switch boxes.  I finally got that done and the wires run for it, so I was able to drywall over the back side of all that wiring.  This is the panel that covers all that wiring - most of the wiring that feeds the bathroom runs through here, so there were about 8 cables all massed together.


The panel next to the bedroom had to go around a large (6x10 inch) air vent.  Cutting this big hole was a bit complicated, but it came out great.  Before I put the wallboard on, I made sure to insulate the metal ductwork from the rest of the wall cavity with foil faced polyisocyanurate to prevent our conditioned air from entering the wall and migrating into the attic.